Algodon Bonarda Image

Algodon Bonarda


Like the Malbec, Bonarda also has its roots in France, and was “perfected” by Argentine winemakers in Mendoza’s ideal growing conditions. In San Rafael’s Cuadro Benegas district, where Algodon Wine Estates is located, Bonarda has particularly flourished due to ideal soil structure, climate and altitude.

Algodon Malbec Image

Algodon Malbec


The Malbec is celebrated as the red variety best adapted to Argentina’s soil, and Mendoza’s ideal climate and growing conditions have proven to bring out the best of Malbec’s genetic characteristics resulting in the best Malbec wines. Algodon’s Malbec offers excellent structure ideal for aging in French oak. This wine represents craftsmanship and a true artisanal process from the vineyard to the winery.

Algodon Cabernet Sauvignon Image

Algodon Cabernet Sauvignon


Algodon Wine’s Cabernet Sauvignon is a deep red wine with strong fruits, mainly blackcurrant and blackberry, strong structure and tannins, with a clear acid and medium to high alcohol level. The color is deep, generally opaque, red or purple.

Algodon Pinot Noir Image

Algodon Pinot Noir


With minimal extraction, Mauro Nosenzo has produced at Algodon elegance, refinement and indeed complexity: this is Pinot Noir at its best. Producing a Pinot Noir can be a great challenge. Each year, we might be dealt varying characteristics of the grape. That is why Algodon uses a special clone to vinify the best Pinot Noir of San Rafael.

Algodon Wine OCHO (8) Fincas Image

Algodon Wine OCHO (8) Fincas (2012)


OCHO (8) Fincas is a young wine that encapsulates Malbec fruit at its best. Planted over the second half of the last century, the quality of the fruit is quite exceptional. These vines were originally a part of several independent family farms, which today compose the basis for what is now Algodon Wine Estate’s 325 acres of productive vineyards.

Algodon Malbec/Bonarda, Black Label Image

Algodon Malbec/Bonarda, Black Label


This is a marriage made in heaven! It is made from a field blend of Argentina’s most iconic and widely planted varietals. Though these grapes mature at different times, the Malbec three weeks before the Bonarda, we harvest both together. Planted in alternating rows, the Malbec brings luscious sweetness while the Bonarda provides firm acidity.

Algodon Malbec, Black Label Image

Algodon Malbec, Black Label


This represents the best selection from our 1946 Malbec vines, whose low yield produces full concentration of fruit and flavor. This is arguably the best Malbec that the combination of our terroir, skilled winemakers can produce. It has spent 24 months in new French oak after the microvinification method, the grapes are harvested in late February, and attentively selected directly in the vineyards.

Algodon Cabernet Franc, Black Label Image

Algodon Cabernet Franc, Black Label


A welcome new member to the Algodon family! It is said that Mendoza is the new Loire Valley for Cabernet Franc, and this will show you why. We've carefully selected the best grapes of the harvest for a microvinification process that consists of whole grapes macerated in new French oak barrels for 60 days at a controlled temperature. This is followed by 18 months aging in oak. This is outstanding nectar with great potential for aging.

Algodon Cabernet Franc/Malbec, Black Label Image

Algodon Cabernet Franc/Malbec, Black Label


This blend is first created when we harvest both varieties together directly in the vineyard, in the second week of April. The fermentation process is then realized using the microvinfication technique, which lets the whole of the grapes macerate within brand new French oak barrels for 60 days. Following the end of the fermentation process, this wine is aged for another 18 months in its barrel.

Algodon Gran Cuvee, Limited Edition Image

Algodon Gran Cuvee, Limited Edition


Production limited to 2,000 bottles (release date: October 26, 2015). This blend is the union of our estate's oldest vineyards. We carefully select the year's best barrels of Malbec, Bonarda, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. The result is a wine of fruity, spicy and toasted character with elegance and complexity. It is a blend that not only expresses the quality of our old vines, but also their great potential.

Algodon Old Masters Malbec, Limited Edition Image

Algodon Old Masters Malbec, Limited Edition


Production limited to 600 bottles. “The Penitent Magdalen” by Pietro Antonio Rotari, whose original masterpiece has been passed down generationally by the family of one of Algodon’s winemakers. Algodon’s Old Masters pays homage to the beautiful marriage between great art and fine wine.

Algodon PIMA, Limited Edition Image

Algodon PIMA, Limited Edition


Production limited to 3,000 bottles (release date: October 26, 2015). PIMA quite simply represents the best of Algodon. It is an assemblage of microvinified wines handcrafted from some of our oldest vineyards, planted in 1946. A careful selection of Malbec, Bonarda, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Merlot bring all the best elements of our vineyard together in this truly iconic and powerful wine.

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